Camera: Montanus Delmonta

TLR | 120 Medium Format | Film Camera

I can’t remember when I decided to buy this camera, I think it was because I thought TLR camera’s looked cool (I still think this), and the Delmonta was a cheap buy on eBay.

Its a really cool camera and I love using it.  I use an external light meter when using it so it takes a bit longer to get the shot right but the photos generally come out looking really nice.  I find the best film to use is a 120 colour film that has a lot of contrast, the images pop and the lens is surprisingly sharp considering the age of the camera.

Year Introduced:
Lens: 75mm f3.5 Pluscanar
Shutter Vario:
1/10 – 1/200
Film Type: 120
Variants: Atlantic Olympia (Sweden)