My Gear

Pretty much all of my film cameras have come from cheap auctions I have found on eBay.

A collection of film cameras

Some of these purchases have been more successful than others; I bought a Zorki 4K from eBay for £30 and it was a bit broken, on the other hand, I got a Zeiss Ikon for £15 and it is great!

Find out more about my collection below:

Pentax ME
Pentax ME Super
Pentax 645
Pentax Super A
Holga 120n
Zeiss Ikon Nettar
Delmonta TLR
Kodak Brownie 127
Ricoh XF-30
Olympus AF-1 Twin

SMC Pentax-M 50mm 1:1.7
SMC Pentax-M 28mm 1:2.8
SMC Pentax-M 200mm 1:4
SMC Pentax-A 50mm 1:1.7
SMC Pentax-A 35-70mm F3.5-4.5
Sigma Zoom 100-300mm 1:4.5-6.7 UC