SlowMeow, all through a lens podcast, slow meow 35mm film

The Slow Meow

35mm Film by All Through a Lens Podcast

All Through a Lens Podcast is hosted by Eric and Vania; two very awesome film photographers with their own unique styles. The All Through a Lens Podcast is like no other, you can tell they put a lot of their time into making it as good as it is.

The Slow Meow was their first rebranded 35mm film, they acquired lots of Tasma Mikrat 200 and because it is very old, tested various speeds to find which ISO gave the best result. They recommended that you shoot it as 12 ISO so of course I messed it up and shot it at 6 ISO.

I got 33 shots out of my first roll and around 20 of them were ok. I have another two rolls to shoot so will be shooting those at 12 ISO! I found it quite hard to hold the camera still enough even on what seemed like a sunny day, so a lot of my shots were blurry. I also happened to take some of these photos on a day with 30MPH winds so that didn’t help.

The film grain is really fine, I kind of love it. I think I am going to do some more portraits with it for sure.

SlowMeow, all through a lens podcast, slow meow 35mm film

I developed the film as advised by Eric and Vania – HC-110 solution B. It was the first time I ever used HC-110, I really like way you can just mix up a small amount for what you need and then don’t have to worry about storing it away and using the mixture again before it goes off.

You can learn more about the All Through a Lens Podcast on the official Website here. All the other social links to Eric and Vania and the podcast are below:

Vania: IGFlickrZines
Eric: IGFlickrZinesECN-2 Kits

All Through a Lens: IGWebsite

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