This Strobe is Bright!

I bought a Neewer S300N Professional Studio Moonlight Strobe Flash Light 300W 5600K with Modeling Lamp. I don’t really know very much at all about studio lighting or what “5600K” means but one of my very cheap lights broke and I wanted to get a replacement that could offer me a bit more.

I did a test with my Pentax 645, it has a flash sync of 1/60th. I opened the aperture to f5.6 and then set the flash from 10-60 strength so that I could see the difference between each increment. To be honest, there isn’t much difference from what I can see, its just very very bright! I think ideally I would need a second strobe flash set up on the other side of the subject and then set the lights further away.

My other lighting set up is not strong enough to get rid of the strong shadow that is cast behind the subject when the flash goes off.
F8 with a strobe strength of 50
F5.6 with a strobe strength of 20

More tests are needed for me to figure out the right configuration to use in the small space that I occupy. I have some reflectors that I will use and will definitely try the lighting set up for further away next time!

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