My New Camera: Minolta Dynax 7

Before Covid-19 and the Lockdown in the UK a bunch of my cameras and gear were stolen. I claimed on the insurance and got some money back for what I lost. I had a bit of trouble finding a Pentax Z-1p at the same price as I had originally bought so I decided to look for something else.

I decided, after a lot of research, that I would go for the Minolta Dynax 7. I spoke to a few people who had this camera or the 5 or 9. For the features that I needed and my budget the 7 was a good fit. It has all the features that I used on my Pentax Z-1p for Roller Derby and has lots of positive reviews.

The trouble is, shortly after I received this camera the world got screwed and all the Roller Derby games I was planning on shooting were cancelled. So I haven’t really had a chance to use the camera how I originally planned. I have instead shot a test roll on some Lady Grey 400 film that was very kindly gifted to me by Analogue Wonderland. When they learnt that my cameras had been stolen they were super supportive and sent me some free film in the post with a pack of CineStill C41 monobath developer that I purchased.

Some key features I like about this camera include:
Autofocus – This is key for me when shooting fast action
Shutter Speeds of 30 to 1/8000 sec – It is nice to have a high range!
ISO Automatic Settings of 25 – 5000
ISO Manual Settings of 6 – 6400 – I always shoot at 6400 ISO for Roller Derby. The light is normally very low in sports halls and I don’t like to use a flash on the players.
Viewfinder Frame Coverage is 90%
Weight is only 20.32 Oz – This camera is lighter than my Pentax Z-1p was which is actually really nice. Film cameras can end up giving me hand strain from holding for long periods of time but I think this one will reduce that a lot.
Additionally the camera features Auto Exposure, Focus Lock and multiple metering modes.

Here are some of the photos I have taken with this Camera during lockdown.

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I buy all my film from Analogue Wonderland. They are awesome, stock over 200 types of film, ship worldwide and give you points for every £1 you spend.
If you use my referral link here to make a purchase you will receive a free roll of 35mm film!


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