Photo Walk with Sunny 16 Podcast

If you don’t know what the Sunny 16 Podcast is and you like both film photography and podcasts then you need to get listening because it’s a brilliant podcast.

On the 2nd February 2020 I embarked on my first ever group photo walk. It wasn’t my first time in Oxford but we visited a lot of places that I didn’t know existed, the company was great and the weather turned out to be amazing.

I took two rolls of Kentmere Pan 400 with me and my trusty Pentax ME Super. I had never shot Kentmere before and I read on the Film Index that people prefer to shoot at 200 ISO and then develop as normal so that is what I did. I mostly metered for the shadows – which is what the internet suggested – though sometimes I think I forgot and metered for the mid-tones which is kind of my default.

I took a few weeks to develop this film but kept it in the fridge as I always tend to do then developed in Microphen. The developer was getting towards the end of its life but I think these photos have come out ok really.

Let me know what you think.

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