Pentax 645 w/ Pentax-A 75mm 1:2.8

Introduced in 1984, the Pentax 645 promised a superior 6×4.5 result with 120, 220 or 70mm film. After spending a week obsessing over this camera I finally found a UK based shop selling one. There are LOADS to be found on eBay and shipping from Japan but I didn’t want to deal with import charges – having never bought a camera from Japan before I didn’t want this one to be my first experience.

In Production: 1984
Mount: Pentax 645 A
Meter Range: 3-19EV
Meter Pattern: Center Weighted
ISO Range: 6-6400
Film Type: 120/220 roll film, 70mm film
No. of exposures: 120: 15, 220: 32, 70mm: 90
Exposure Modes: P, Tv, Av, M, B, X
Exposure Compensation: +/-3EV
Shutter Speeds: 15-1/1000s
Multiple Exposures: Yes
Winder: Built-in, 1.5fps
Viewfinder Type: Kepierian Telescope
Diopter Correction: -5 – +2
Exchangeable Screen: Yes
Depth of field preview: Yes
Image Size: 41.5x56mm
Battery: 6x AA
Size (WxHxD): 147x109x117mm
Weight: 1320g
Note: Accepts leaf shutter lens for flash sync to 1/500s. Accessories include; 120 and 220 film backs, 70mm film holder.


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