Lomo Redscale

Olympus AF-1 Twin

I can’t remember where I got this camera now but it is pretty handy and claims to be weatherproof. – not fully sure what kind of weather this means but I am assuming it means rain.

It has two lenses, one is a 35mm F3.5 and the other a 70mm F6.3.  It is a pretty cool little feature as it means you don’t have a zoom lens on the camera but two completely individual lenses which you switch between using a little button on the top of the camera.

Here are some photos I tested the camera with using some VERY expired and badly stored Lomo Redscale.

It is now broken – the lens door which slides open and activates the camera had a tiny spring fall out of it the other day and in order to take a photo I have to squeeze the camera hard.  It’s quite strange and I am not sure if I am going to bother putting another roll of film into it.

Type: Fully automatic 35mm autofocus lens-shutter camera with biaxial lens system.
Film Format: 35mm standard DX coded film
Lens: Olympus lens 35mm F3.5, 3 elements in 3 groups & 70mm F6.3, 5 elements in 5 groups.
Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter.
Viewfinder: Bright frame viewfinder. Wide-angle: 0.43X, Telephoto: 0.76X (provided with autofocus frame, flash activation indicator lamp, and in-focus indicator lamp).
Focusing: Active type infrared autofocus system, focus lock possible.
Focusing Range: 0.75m – infinity at wide-angle, 0.8m – infinity at telephoto.

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